New Zealand's 11-day public holidays consist of 10-day national public holidays and one-day regional anniversary days. The national holidays are the same for everyone, and all people rest on the same day; the local holidays have different rest days depending on the regions and only corresponding people in the region can enjoy it. If the vacation falls on the weekend, people can take deferred holidays on the Friday before the weekend or on the Monday after the weekend, as the case may be, so that the vacation of this day is linked to the weekend, which is what people call Long Weekend.

Public holidays


January 1st, New year's first day, is a statutory public holiday in New Zealand (New Year's Day), and the next day January 2nd is also a public holiday (Day after New Year's Day).


Waitangi Day


Good Friday


Easter Monday




Queen’s Birthday


Labour Day


Christmas Day


Boxing Day

Provincical Holidays

Wellington — January 21

Auckland — January 28

Northland — January 28

Nelson — February 4

Taranaki — March 11

Otago — March 25

Southland — April 23

South Canterbury — September 23

Hawke’s Bay — October 25

Marlborough— November 4

Canterbury — November 15

Westland — December 2

Chatham Islands — December 2

The specific time schedule for holidays can be found on the New Zealand government website.


Vacation is a right


You can get your salary on vacation! In New Zealand, every employee is entitled to annual leave and holiday pay. This applies to employees of any age and doing any kind of work, including casual workers and part-time employees. After one year of continuous work, each employee has 20 days' annual leave (paid vacation). In addition, after six months of continuous work, you are entitled to five-day sick leave each year. In addition to taking sick leave when you are sick or injured yourself, you can also take sick leave if your spouse, partner or someone who depends on your care (such as children or parents) is sick or injured.

About maternity leave:


At present, pregnant women will enjoy up to 18 weeks of paid maternity leave before and after childbirth; to meet the needs of some pregnant women who wish to accompany their children to the age of one, eligible pregnant women can also apply for up to 52 weeks of unpaid leave in a row.

School holidays


The starting time and holiday arrangement of different schools or courses are different.

Primary and secondary schools and high schools in New Zealand have four semesters each year; each semester lasts a minimum of 9 weeks and a maximum of 11 weeks.

Under normal circumstances in primary and secondary schools, class begins at 9 a.m. and school is over at 3:30 p.m. (at 3 p.m. for primary school). As in China, school time is from Mondays to Fridays, and certainly some schools offer other courses or sports on Saturdays.

Primary and secondary schools have four semesters from February to mid-December in one school year, with two weeks of rest between two semesters and a six-week vacation after the end of the last semester.

First semester: February - mid April - two weeks off

Second term: end of April - early July - two weeks off

Third term: mid July - end of September - two weeks off

Fourth term: mid October - mid December - six weeks' summer vacation