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Westlake Girls High School

Westlake Girls High School

Westlake Girls High School
School Introduction

The school understand you want the very best academic and social experience for your daughter, and choosing the right high school is a big decision. At Westlake Girls your daughter’s wellbeing is at the very heart of everything they do. They take a holistic approach to learning and understand that what happens outside the classroom is just as important to growth, as what happens inside.

High School encompasses a key time of development for the students. They join us as children and leave as young adults, and it is a privilege for us to teach and support them through that transition. They believe by inspiring the students to love learning today, they will leave school confident and optimistic about their potential tomorrow.

Being a single-sex school provides some unique advantages. Research tells the students achieve highly and are more confident in an all-girls learning environment. The school is proud to offer an inclusive, respectful, rich and diverse community where every student is encouraged to find and develop their strengths. It’s a safe place to try new things, and the breadth of opportunity, both inside and outside the classroom, means the students excel in a wide variety of areas. Finding what’s important, enjoying what they do, and discovering new strengths is all part of igniting life-long passions.

They have a strong focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) and they are also renowned for their success in sports and music. Academically, their consistently impressive performance in NCEA and University Entrance reflects our ethos of discipline, dedication and working smarter.

School Curriculum

Westlake Girls High School offers NCEA as an academic pathway to University Entrance. Westlake is recognised both nationally and internationally as a school with an outstanding level of achievement in academic studies, music and sports. As well as academic programmes, they have many other programmes of interest for international students wishing to broaden their skills in: hospitality, tourism, media studies, child development and outdoor education.

School Facilities

The school has state of the art audio visual interactive facilities. There is high speed internet access in all classrooms. Students use computers for studying and emailing home. The library is open from 8.00am - 5.00pm daily and at specific times during the school holidays. Classrooms and learning areas are modern and well equipped and the grounds are attractively landscaped. Canteen facilities are available for students providing a variety of hot and cold nutritious food.

Westlake Girls High School sporting facilities include three artificial turfs which comprise a blue international hockey turf and two FIFA class artificial football fields.

The covered courts have six tennis and four netball courts with another three outdoor tennis and netball courts. There is a cricket oval, two cricket practice nets, two gymnasiums, one dance studio, a fitness centre and an outdoor pool. The three all-weather turfs and covered courts enable the school to use them frequently without the worry of closing due to inclement weather.

School Location

Westlake Girls High School is a state secondary school for girls with approximately 2,200 students situated on the North Shore of Auckland City. The school is near vibrant shopping centres, beaches and within 15 minutes by bus from the heart of Auckland City, where the University of Auckland and other tertiary institutions are located. A major bus station is adjacent to the school.

Westlake Girls High School, 2 Wairau Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0627, New Zealand

Official website: https://www.westlakegirls.school.nz/