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Palmerston North Boys' High School (PNBHS)

School Introductionn

Founded in 1902, Palmerston North Boys' High School (PNBHS) is a traditional single sex school, catering for the all round educational needs of young men aged 13-18 years. Till now, it has grown to become a multi-cultural school of more than 1,800 young men. Palmerston North Boys' High School places an emphasis on academic achievement, providing character education and combining this with sporting and cultural activities. It is the oldest and largest school in the Manawatu region, with over 100 staff who are committed professionals with a depth of knowledge and talent to educate students in a school with first class facilities.

Vision: To develop educated men of outstanding character.

Mission: To educate young men by challenging and extending them in academic, sporting and cultural activities to develop the required knowledge, skills, values and character they need to succeed in their lives.

Values: Young men who join the Palmerston North Boys’ High community are expected to live by the school values in and out of the classroom. These are: Integrity, Humility, Courage, Respect, Pride, Industry.

The programmes on offer at PNBHS are wide ranging, from academic support programmes to NCEA examinations, vocational courses and Massey University papers. The academic opportunities available are extensive, and with focus and a dedicated approach to class work and homework, students can experience significant success. The School fosters a desire to learn, to participate, to compete at the highest level and above all, instils a desire in each student to reach his potential. PNBHS seeks to provide young men with an intellectual and moral education which will enable them to make a valuable contribution to the society.

School Curriculum

Curriculum at PNBHS focuses on providing a broad base with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy at junior school, and allows for specialisation at the senior level:

Involves extensive use of Information Technology

Offers acceleration, extension and remedial support to meet a diverse range of needs

Well supported by excellent facilities and resources

A full programme, at all levels, of English Language Tuition (ELT) is available

Challenging core subjects in the junior school progressively lead to a diverse range of subjects and freedom of choice in the senior school. Students receive advice and counselling in the choice of subjects that best fit their future study and career aspirations. The courses of study at Palmerston North Boys’ High School aim to:

• Develop and enhance students’ literacy and numeracy skills

• Arouse interest and promote enquiry by providing relevant contexts

• Thoroughly and comprehensively prepare students for assessment

• Foster individual thinking and develop effective learning skills

• Promote tolerance and co-operation when working with others

• Integrate class work and study with sporting, cultural and other involvements and responsibilities

• Challenge young men to achieve to the best of their ability in all aspects of school life

School Facilities

Palmerston North Boys’ High School is able to boast an impressive array of facilities. Many of these have come about through the generous support of Old Boys, The Parent / Teacher Association, and the wider school and business community.

The Ian Colquhoun Memorial Hall: The Ian Colquhoun Memorial Hall can accommodate close to 1800 people, is fully networked, and is used for daily assemblies, fairs, expos, indoor activities and competitions.

Speirs Centre: The Speirs Centre is home to a 370 seat Auditorium and Performing Arts Centre, rehearsal and music practice rooms, as well as two classrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen.

Swimming Pool: A 25 metre indoor heated swimming pool with wheelchair access & accompanying facilities.

Science Laboratories: Fourteen specialised science laboratories dedicated to the Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Electronics and Horticulture Departments.

Technology Workshops: Four fully equipped technology workshops and two planning rooms for wood work, metal work, engineering and construction.

Sports Fields: A wide variety of sports fields & facilities: Rugby, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Cricket, Water & Canoe Polo and Tae Kwon Do.

Gymnasiums: Two gymnasiums, each equipped with a sprung wooden floor, indoor basketball court & changing room facilities.

Weights Room: A dedicated weight training facility with an extensive array of cardio, machine and free weights equipment.

NZCT Cricket Centre: The School is home to a New Zealand-first Indoor Grass Cricket practice facility.

Computer Rooms: Six computer rooms available for classroom use and a computer network extending throughout the School.

Library: School has a well-resourced library, fitted with a computer suite available for student use.

Hostel: College House has excellent boarding facilities for 180 young men, equipped with junior and senior dorms, two gymnasiums, a dining hall, recreation areas, BBQ area and a conference room.

School Location

263 Featherston St, Palmerston North 4442, New Zealand

Website: http://www.pnbhs.school.nz/