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Auckland Girls Grammar School


Auckland Girls Grammar School
School Introduction

A TRADITION, begun in 1888, of academic, sporting and cultural excellence where students are encouraged to aim high and find success within their reach. A COMMITMENT to foster independent thinkers and a life-long love of learning. A safe, disciplined and friendly ATMOSPHERE where students are expected to work hard, respect themselves and others, make life-long friends and have fun. Talented, committed TEACHERS, an innovative curriculum, modern learning resources and pleasant facilities. The OPPORTUNITY to belong comfortably, confidently and naturally to a community that is a mix of all the different groups that make up New Zealand society.

Auckland Girls is an exciting and vibrant school. It is hugely diverse, with students representing over 60 different cultures. Its 1400+ students have access to a wide range of subjects, co-curricular activities and excellent facilities. Its teachers are highly qualified and committed to providing the best possible education to all of its students. They work hard to ensure that the students gain the highest qualifications they can. The school encourages them to develop a love of learning and a zest for living, and prepare them to fit comfortably into the bi-cultural, multi-ethnic society.

It offers a balanced academic, social, physical and cultural education so that all students can grow into strong, skilled, caring and self-reliant young women.

The students will leave school knowing that they have been offered the best possible opportunities to succeed in whatever path they choose. They will continue to live by the school values: Pride, Respect, Integrity, Diligence and Empathy".

School Curriculum

The Curriculum at Auckland Girls’ Grammar School is designed to provide its students with learning experiences that lead to academic success and build their capacity for independent and life-long learning. The pathway from a broad and well-balanced junior curriculum, to expanding choices in the senior school, allows students to explore various options and identify their strengths and talents before they begin to specialise.

The New Zealand Curriculum (2007) is the official document that sets the direction for student learning and curriculum design at Auckland Girls Grammar School, with each of the eight Learning Areas defined in this document being delivered via a Faculty within the school: Arts (A), English (E), Health and Physical Education (PE), Languages (L), Mathematics (M), Sciences (S), Social Sciences (SS), Technology (T).

Each of the eight faculties is led by a Faculty Co-ordinator who is a member of the Faculty Board, the leadership group that is responsible for the design and delivery of Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting in the school.

School Location

Auckland Girls is situated on the side of a hill overlooking Auckland's Waitemata Harbour. It is adjacent to the city's oldest park, Western Park, and is surrounded by beautiful historic trees and gardens.

As an inner city school, Auckland Girls is within walking distance of many cultural resources such as libraries, art galleries, museums and major tertiary institutions. It is also close to the Central Business District which provides work experience and study opportunities for students.

Students come to Auckland Girls from all over Auckland. It is very close to the Central City and buses and trains are frequent.

16 Howe Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011, New Zealand

Official website: http://www.aggs.school.nz/