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Ponsonby Primary School


Ponsonby Primary School
School Introduction

Ponsonby Primary school was originally established in 1873. It is the belief of the school's learning community that they are all here, teachers, parents and students to enrich children's learning. It is the close co-operation between parents and teachers that ensures quality educational experiences for the students. The school’s core business is children’s learning. They hold the belief that every child will be provided with opportunities to achieve success and develop their personal pride. Their learning community values the culture of this school, where high quality learning and success, are encouraged.

The programmes are structured to cater for the needs of each individual, so that they may develop to their full potential. Its aim is to deliver to pupils, rich and wide-ranging programmes. From this curriculum children will acquire knowledge, learn skills and form attitudes, which will help their development, now and in the future.

Its goal is to provide a school environment where pupils are secure, happy, co-operative and industrious. To provide a learning environment where individual strengths, weaknesses and differences are catered for within the educational programmes. Each pupil is expected to do his or her best in whatever is undertaken.

“Ponsonby Primary is a school where teachers talk with children, not at them. It is like a country school in the city; everyone contributes.”

With your support and encouragement the school aims to maintain the highest possible teaching and learning standards and continue working to make the school an energetic and exciting place for your children.

School Curriculum

The school offers a broad Curriculum which serves the children well. The curriculum strongly caters for and develops children’s strengths and interests.

In particular

•  Teachers grow students independent inquiry which allow students to ‘fly’

•  A formative approach to learning and assessment- children share their work with family and peers

•  Classrooms demonstrate a celebration of children’s work and classroom environment and relationships support learning.

•  Children are able to use resources to plan their next steps in learning

•  Curriculum documents identify staff sharing good practice.

•  Curriculum delivery makes explicit the formative practices

School Facilities

•  Heated 15m Pool--The pool operates through terms 1 and 4. Free swimming is available at lunchtime.

•  School Hall / Gymnasium--The School Hall /Gymnasium has a full sized basketball court. Children use the kitchen for cooking and 1 room as a marimba studio. The hall is used for PE lessons, sports, performances and school assemblies held each alternate Friday.

•  Music Studio--We have turned the old dental clinic into a beautiful full music suite.

•  Netball Courts

•  School Field

•  Historic Classroom/Administration Block--The main building is classified as an historic building and was saved in 1990 by John Hill and other parents in the Ponsonby area.

School Locations

44 Curran Street, Herne Bay, Auckland City, Auckland, 1011

Official website: http://www.ponsprim.school.nz/