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Browns Bay School

Browns Bay School

Browns Bay School
School Introduction

Browns Bay School was established in 1888 and has a tradition of providing a high standard of education for its students. It strives to provide optimal learning environments and opportunities to unlock the potential of the students and develop in them the capacity for lifelong learning.

The school seeks to encourage excellence, foster co-operation and sensitivity and to provide opportunities for children to realise their potential. They view education as a partnership involving home and school working together in the best interests of the children.

At BBS, its motto is Ka Puta Te Hua - Effort Brings Reward. Together it can provide opportunities and fun for your child to learn, grow and realise their potential.

Every day at Browns Bay Primary is focused on the school values: Respect – Manaakitang, Personal Excellence - Tu Rangatira, Taking Responsibility – Takohanga, Inquiring Minds - Whai Whakaaro.

These values are encouraged, modelled and explored as an aspect of everyday life through positive relationships with other children, teachers, families, whanau and the Browns Bay community, one of the best primary schools in Auckland.

School Curriculum

Based on the Ministry of Education curriculum and considered one of the best schools in Auckland, its collaborative teaching and learning help every child achieve their personal best. The school follows NATIONAL STANDARDS EXPECTATIONS in Reading, Writing and Maths education.

The New Zealand education system is one of the best in the world. The OECD rated New Zealand in the world’s top 20 nations based on the quality of the schools.

Browns Bay School’s primary education system is based around raising life-long learners, not only in academic performance but on building practical skilled-based achievements and preparing them for the knowledge age.

Your child’s English skills is the school’s top priority. Every week, two to three English lessons are held with small groups of children of similar English levels. Taught by qualified English for Speakers of another Language teachers, these lessons cover all areas of English from speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary.

Its sports and cultural opportunities, include a range of team sports, an extensive creative and performing arts program including choir, bands, drama and dance groups.

School Locations and Facilities

Since 1888, Browns Bay School located in Browns Bay Auckland, has been an integral part of local children’s primary education, a centre to instill lifelong learning, to encourage excellence, foster co-operation and sensitivity.

Located near Browns Bay Beach, Auckland schools’ facilities include open green spaces, to stimulate their learning and develop physical skills and confidence in a wide range of activities and play. Water safety, outdoor exploration, healthy competitiveness and team values, play an important role in students’ lives.

Masterton Road, Browns Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Official website: https://www.brownsbay.school.nz/